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Introducing Alpari Broker

Established year: 1998

Manufacturing Country: Russia, Moscow

Confirmation: IFSC and under license number IFSC / 60/301 / TS / 17

Users: Good

Alpari One of the world's leading and leading brokers in forex and binary options trading, headquartered on Mauritius, with modern technology, low trading fees and many years of successful business experience among investors and traders in It has had global markets and is now dynamically continuing to expand its services. 

Alpari Forex Features:

  • Year 2014 Alpari receives Golden Phoenix Award for being named Best Russian Broker
  • 20 years of experience in the forex industry
  • 14 years of successful experience as the most active intermediary
  • Good support in different languages
  • Free tutorials and daily news and analysis
  • Incentives, cash prizes, competitions and discounts
  • $ 30 reward for inviting friends to this site
  • Easy and secure ways to transfer money in less than 24 business hours
  • Easy deposit and withdrawal . .
  • Very low spreads from 0 pips, leverage to 1: 1000
  • Possibility to open 20 simultaneous trads up to $ 5,000.

Trading Accounts Comparison

Trading Accounts:NanoStandardECNPro-ECN
Minimum deposit:$1$20$300$500
Leverage:1:500from 1:10 to 1:1000from 1:10 to 1:1000from 1:10 to 1:1000
Step Lot:
Spread:Fixed 2 pipFrom 0.3 pipfrom 0.1 pipfrom 0 pip
Account Currency:USD cents، EUR centsUSD, EUR, GLDUSD, EUR, GLDUSD, EUR, GLD

Alpari login

Login to site

Login to the Alpari broker

On the home page of the site, click on register at the top of the site :


After that, you will be taken to the page containing the registration form, in which you must carefully complete the fields in it, and at the end, after checking the rules of the site, click on "Continue":


When filling out the registration form, pay attention to the following:

  • Select "Dollar" as the base account currency.
  • Enter your real family name and surname.
  • Enter your actual date of birth.
  • pay attention when entering your mobile number and email address; Because your account is verified by these two parameters.

Once done with registration details, you need to verify the authentication by sending a code via SMS or Email. You need to enter that code the Confirmation in Code box to verify.


After obtaining the verification code and entering it in the desired box, you must click on the complete registration.

On next page you need to set your account password and then click on Accept button 


  • Your password must be at least 8 characters long and contain small and large English numbers and letters.

By completing the above steps, your registration will be completed and you can start your transactions by creating an account in Alpari.

How to create an account in Alpari


Follow these steps:

Click Open Account.


On the next page, you can create a live account and a demo account Forex.

Click on the live account (The steps for creating a live account and demo account are similar) and select one of the accounts, then select one of the currencies in the Account Denomination and finally click on Open Account.


In the next step, The broker will give you a username and password to enter Metatrader 4.


To download MetaTrader 4, in the platforms and applications section, click on the MetaTrader download option:


Click on the link below to learn MetaTrader software:

MetaTrader Training

Once you've entered your username and password in Metatrader you can easily start your transaction.

  • Trading is done in MetaTrader.

If you do not want to install MetaTrader software, you can do your business by logging in to "web MetaTrader" . To do this, click on "enter Meta Trader" in the "Platforms and Applicotions" section:


To open the Alpari binary Options account, click Open Account again and select alpari fix_contracts on the next page.

Alpari account verification training

To deposit and withdraw in Alpari broker, you need to confirm your account. To do this, in your user panel in the "My Accounts" section, click upload Documents and upload your documents to support Alpari.




After reviewing the documents, it will be confirmed via email and will be sent to your user panel.


International financial markets close every week on Saturdays and Sundays, and no traders can operate on these two days. We suggest that you increase your level of information and knowledge by reading various articles in these 2 days.

Good luck

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