The Best Sites to Earn Free Money with Bitcoin

Free Bitcoins

بیت کوین رایگان

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that digitally stores the value of money. One of the main points of Bitcoin digital currency is that it is unmediated, so you do not need any center like a bank to maintain it, and everything is available to you.

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Making and encrypting bitcoin is an extremely heavy process and requires powerful equipment. For this reason, few people are able to extract bitcoins. But there are services on the Internet that give you some free bitcoins for what you do. To receive your bitcoin, you must have a special bitcoin wallet.

Follow us by introducing the best services for receiving free bitcoins.


The bitcoins earned on these sites are based on Satoshi a smaller unit of bitcoins.

The Best Sites For Get Free Bitcoin


بیت کوین رایگان با Coinpayu

Coinpayu site feature

  • Get bitcoins by clicking on the ads for a few seconds
  • Get bitcoins by watching a short video
  • Receive bitcoins by completing surveys in the offers section
  • Receive bitcoins by referrals
  • Buy referrals to increase bitcoin receipts
  • Minimum withdrawal of 5,000 Satoshi to Facutpay wallet and 10,000 Satoshi to other wallets


Satochi Hero

کسب بیت کوین رایگان با satoshi hero

Satoshi Hero site feature

  • Satoshi Hero site is one of the easiest and best for earn free bitcoin
  • Receive 3 bitcoins every 10 minutes.
  • Receive bitcoins by completing surveys in the Offerwalls section.
  • Receive bitcoins by playing games in the Bitcoin Games section
  • The minimum amount of withdraw is 30000 Satoshi.

satoshi hero


بیت کوین رایگان از سایت adbtc

AdBTC site feature

  • Get free bitcoins by clicking on the ads for a few seconds
  • Has more advertising sites to click and receive bitcoins than other sites
  • Get more bitcoins via referral link
  • The minimum withdrawal and transfer is currently 5,000 Satoshi to Facutpay wallet and 45,000 Satoshi to other wallets

کسب بیت کوین رایگان از سایت freebitcoin site Feature

  • A different site and a new masterpiece in getting free bitcoins
  • Receive bitcoins every hour by clicking on Roll
  • Chance to receive bitcoins worth $ 200 per roll
  • Receive weekly 2 lottery tickets per Roll
  • Give reward to 10 winners of the weekly lottery
  • Prize of $ 1,000 to the First place winner of the lottery until the $20 to Tenth winner
  • Get more bitcoins via referral link
  • Minimum payment: 30000 Satoshi
  • If the site does not open, log in via VPN.


There are many free Bitcoin sites, but most are scams and don't pay their users. In this article, we tried to introduce you to sites that have already paid for their users and many users have been able to get free Bitcoin from these sites.

Good luck

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