Monetization Methods From Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is a digital currency and an authorized currency that can thrive because of its successful growth.



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What is Bitcoin?

Different ways to make money with Bitcoin


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Fast method: Pay per click and small businesses

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to earn bitcoin is faucet sites. This means that you do a little work and get a little bit of bitcoin for your time.

. . Faucets are PTC sites, or pay-per-click sites, that give you a small amount of digital currency per click on your ad.

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The Best Bitcoin Sites for make money online

Build a Faucet site

One way to make money with Bitcoin is Build a Faucet site. These websites give free Bitcoin for watching adds another website every hour.

You can easily create your own fast site by coding or buying a ready-made website and earn money by displaying ads.

When your faucet sites were built, These rewards are small amounts of bitcoin that are automatically given to site users and you will get more revenue through ads you place on your site

you can by build faucet sites, make money $50 - $1000 pey month

Bitcoin Mining

The oldest way to get bitcoin is by mining or extracting it. Mining is the process by which digital currencies are created. Many people who are familiar with bitcoin first become interested in the concept of mining. Creating the Magical Money of the Internet From a Personal Computer, What Could be Better?

Bitcoin mining today is more than just entertainment. This requires extremely expensive devices, expensive electricity, hardware configuration knowledge, and physical space to maintain the miners.

Another option is cloud mining. That is, you pay someone to use the device for extraction.

This seems ideal because there is no need for expensive and costly electricity anymore, but the point is that besides the legitimate and reputable sites that operate there are also fraudulent and fraudulent sites that They just pretend to use your money to extract money. So we always recommend that you do your research before paying any fees and make sure that site is authentic.

Bitcoin Blogging

There are many blogs and sites that work on bitcoin and blockchain technology. In many cases, these sites require the author،Because they publish a lot of articles and content every week. If you have information in this field and have good writing talent, you can also consider the journalism and writing profession of digital currencies.

The best way to find such a job is to search for the Jobs section of your favorite news website. You can also email for a specific website or create a profile on freelance author sites.

It is best to have some sample articles of your own before submitting an application for such websites, as many of these sites pay attention to your background before hiring.

Become a trader

One of the fastest, easiest and most dangerous ways to make money with Bitcoin is to trade or exchange money. Trading basically means that you try to buy it when the price goes down and sell it after the increase

A successful trade has nothing to do with luck or speculation. Traders who make profits spend a significant amount of time learning the basics of trading and overcoming the risks involved. Trader knows he may lose in the short run but looks at it as an investment in education because his goal is to profit in the long run.

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Bitcoin lending

One of the most popular and risk-averse ways to develop is to make money through the Bitcoin lending platform. Such sites link borrowers who need digital currency to people who want to borrow bitcoin at a certain rate of interest.

this bitcoin model carries risks such as loss of assets and lack of legal entity to track loan guarantees and losses caused by price fluctuations, it is advisable to avoid this method.

Advertise Bitcoin Marketing Links Bitcoin

Collaborating in sales or marketing links is the practice whereby individuals advertise a particular business for free and receive a commission if they buy or sign up from a customer.

In this way, you invite others to use or purchase that product by sending links to introduce a bitcoin or blockchain product. Many currency exchanges, products and services offer affiliate programs that you can use.

There are many ways to advertise your marketing link; for example, you can share your marketing link on social networks, advertise on various sites, or even set up an informational site and publish your Affiliate link.


In this article, we tried to explore ways to make money through bitcoin and other digital currencies. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. Some methods are very risky, while others require a great deal of time and effort. Although these are not the only methods available, they are already tested and validated.

As mentioned in the article, there is no easy and risk-free way to earn money with Bitcoin. The good news is that these methods are likely to be monetized; and this can happen if you create creative ways to make money.

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