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Summary of the Coinpot site:

Coinpot یک میکرو والت دارای چندین فاست معتبر است که در ماه جولای ۲۰۱۷ عرضه شد.
میکرو والت ها کیف پول هایی با فضای ذخیره موقت هستند که برای تراکنش های کوچک مورد استفاده قرار می گیرند. در واقع Coinpot کیف پولی دارای چند ارز دیجیتال است که تراکنش و مبادلات به دلیل آنکه حجم کمی دارند، هیچ هزینه یا کارمزدی برای فاست ها به همراه ندارد و منبع مناسبی برای فاست هاستن تا از این طریق پرداخت های خود را بدون هزینه ارسال کنند.

To understand Coinpot, it is best to first describe the faucet.

فاست ها، وبسایت‌ هایی هستند که در ازای انجام دادن کارهای کوچک و ساده به شما ارز دیجیتال رایگان می‌دهند.

در حال حاضر ۷ وب سایت به Coinpot متصل هستند که درآمد کاربران خود را به Coinpot واریز می کنند.
کاربرانی که با این سایتها فعالیت و کسب درآمد می کنند می توانند با ثبت نام در کوین پات، درآمد خود را به main wallet by registering with coinpot.

List of sites connected to Coinpot

To register and operate these sites, simply enter the email that you have registered with Coinpot and click on Sign in, and then click Claim.

Sign up for Coinpot


An email must be used when registering and operating the CoinPot site and the 7 sites affiliated with it. Otherwise the revenue from these sites will not be deposited into the CoinPot account.

First enter the adbtc site:


Click Register:

On the new page, a site registration form has been opened where, after entering a valid email and password by logging in and the reception the site's rules, click Register


password must be at least 8 characters long and contain letters or numbers.

After completing the registration form, an email containing the activation link will be sent to your email. Refer to your email and click on the link sent. After clicking on the link you will be redirected to the homepage of the site. On the homepage of the site, click on sign in to sign in to your account in coinpot.

User Panel

  1. Dashboard:..........
  2. News: ..........
  3. Lottery: ..........
  4. Multiplier: Site Betting section
  5. Challenges: Perform steps and receive rewards
  6. Coins & Tokens:..........
  7. CoinPot Tokens: ..........
  8. Bitcoin Core: ..........
  9. Bitcoin Cash: ..........
  10. Dogecoin: ..........
  11. Litecoin: ..........
  12. Dash: ..........

. Tokens

Tokens are, in fact, a type of credit provided by the coinpot site and have various uses such as buying lottery tickets, using a multiplier bet game, or converting to digital currencies.

The best way to use tokens is to convert them to digital currencies.

How to Get Tokens

  • Users also automatically receive 3 tokens each time they click on the claim on the coinpot site
  • Mining tokens Another way to get tokens from this site is by visiting the "COINPOT TOKENS" section in the Mine coinpot tokens section, giving your system processing power and clicking The "Earn more" option started extracting tokens . The coinpot will be added to the account balance on the coinpot site every 5 minutes. But in general, given the pressure this method puts on the system cpu and its low efficiency, it is not recommended unless you have a very strong system.

  • Participating in the LOTTORY lottery and winning the lottery as well as participating in the Multiplier betting game are other ways to get a ticket.


Multiplier betting is not recommended because with each losing game the number of tokens will be reduced.

How to convert tokens to other digital currencies

To convert tokens to other digital currencies such as bitcoin, bitcoin, etc. In the left menu, first click on "COINPOT TOKENS" and then in the new page, click "Convert coinpot tokens to":

After clicking on "Convert coinpot tokens to" in the previous step, complete the form and click on "Convert" after completing the form:

Do the same for other digital currencies.

Deposit and withdraw digital currency from CoinPot:


Deposit is done for things like participating in the lottery, participating in the multiplier or converting it into other Digital currencies. To do this, simply select and click on the desired currency from the left menu of the site and open the new page, click on "Deposit" and in the form opened by copying the account number provided by the site, you can Deposit the amount of currency you want into your coinpot account.



To withdraw money from the site and transfer it to your main wallet click on the desired currency, Then click on the "Withdraw" option and by entering the wallet address and desired withdrawal amount. , Transfer or withdraw your income.



  • Once the withdrawal request has been registered, a confirmation link will be sent to the email and you will need to click on the confirmation link to apply.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount for different currencies varies.
  • Payments will be made within 48 hours

Important points

  • We suggest signing up for all 7 coinpot sites and collecting all currencies, even if you think you won't need any currencies other than Bitcoin because the coinpot wallet has the ability to convert all currencies.
  • The key to success at the faucet sites is their daily activity. These sites each have incremental rewards that increase with daily activity. You don't have to visit them every 5 minutes, you can visit these sites once or a few hours or even once a day to collect money.

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