Account verification steps in Fibogroup

تایید حساب در فیبوگروپ


To use all the features of Fibogroup Broker, you need to confirm your account. This includes email verification, identity verification, completion of profile information, verification of residential address, completion of questionnaire information and telephone verification. For this purpose, we will deal with the account verification steps in this broker:

Confirm Email

In your personal cabin, in the My Profile section, click on Confirm Email :

Click Confirm

Click to open the message sent by the broker and Copy the verification code and paste it in the email confirmation process

تایید ایمیل در فیبوکروپ

Note: An email containing the verification code may be sent to your email spam folder.

Telephone confirmation

Click onTelephone confirmation

A text message containing the verification code will be sent to you, enter the text message code and click "Confirm":

Complete profile information

In the Profile section, click on fill in the profile and enter the requested information accurately in the opened page:

In this section, you can fill in the identification information using the PassPort information or if you do not have a Passport you can use your ID card or driver's license instead by selecting Other Document


Here you need to fill in your whereabouts, but absolutely do not enter arbitrarily because later you must upload proof of address to verify your account


You enter your contact information for FiboGroup here

After completing the filling in information, choose Continue to complete

Here you need to fill in your whereabouts, but absolutely do not enter arbitrarily because later you must upload proof of address to verify your account. So write down an address that you can verify such as: utility bill, bank bill ... these bills may be from your temporary residence address but on the bill must be in your name. If you have trouble creating an invoice, you can completely go to the bank, transfer and usually on it will always have your address.

Complete the Questionnaire

At this step you will fill in information about your occupation and income.



Once done, choose Continue to save your information.




identity confirmation

At this step you need to upload documents to verify your account.

Go to the "My Documents" section and Upload the requested documents.

Personal identification documents: This is the type of document you will upload according to the information section you selected in the previous section (Passport or National Identification Card).

Proof of Address: Note: You must publish the invoice with your address exactly as you declared to the Fibo Group.

After uploading, it may take a few days for FIBO GROUP to review the documents and browse your account.

This completes the account request process with the FIBO Group broker. After confirming the documents, you can make an immediate deposit to your account.

Instructions to deposit / withdraw money from FIBO Group

In your personal account in Fibogroup broker, from Deposit funds section, click on enter

واریز پول به فیبوگروپ

Fibogroup now offers many deposit options. Choose one of the deposit methods and after selecting, click on the deposit funds.

شارژ حساب فیبوگروپ

It is recommended to use WebMoney and Blockchain accounts to transfer money.

Therefore , you must first open an account for yourself on these sites and then deposit the desired amount to these accounts through online exchanges.

Good luck.

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