MetaTrader Training

MetaTrader Training


First of all, we need to know that every broker in the Forex market needs a business environment through which he can communicate with his customers and be able to record the steps of a transaction.

For this purpose, each broker uses a special platform that, in order to find a platform specifically for each broker, one must go to that broker's website and receive the platform from there.

MetaTrader is software that, in addition to being free, provides us with both price charts and demo terms. Demo is the ability to make virtual transactions without depositing any money in a completely realistic market situation, which makes beginners gain experience at the beginning of the work without losing money.

How to get started with MetaTrader software:

First, download and install the MetaTrader software from the broker you registered with.

After installing the program, when it is first implemented for the program, a page is displayed according to the following figure, which is used to open an account:


As shown in the image above, there are three options for creating an account in MetaTrader software:

Existring trade account:

If you have previously registered with a Forex broker such as alpari or other brokers, the broker will give you a username and password to start trading on Metatrader when you open an account, which you can enter here.

New demo account:

This section is about creating a virtual account for beginners.

New real account:

This section is about creating a real account. Note that real accounts cannot be opened through MetaTrader. To open a real account, you need to go to the broker.

Steps to create a demo or virtual account:

To create a virtual account or demo (to gain experience for beginners), first click on the New demo account option and then click Next.

In the next step, you need to enter your last name, email and phone number and click Next:

آموزش متاتریدر

In the last step, the software gives you the user and password of the account, which by clicking on the finish option, you will automatically enter your account after 20 seconds and you can use the MetaTrader application software from now on.

Click on the link below to learn more about the different parts of MetaTrader software, as well as how to arm and close a transaction in MetaTrader:

MetaTrader Training

Good luck

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