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Introducing the NeoBux site

Established year: 2008
Manufacturing Country: Portugal
How to make money: Click on daily ads, doing small tasks such as installing programs and completing surveys, a convenient and affordable rental referral system (subset)
limitation IP: Yes (If you build 2 accounts with a blocked IP account)
Pay Per Click Advertising: $0.02 - $001
Minimum Payment: $2
Payment status: Being paid regularly

This site is one of the most reputable and most visited PTC site.

How Register in NeoBux

First enter the adbtc site:


Or click on the banner below:

Click Register at the top of the site:

Enter your information

Username: ..........
Password: ..........
Password Confirmation: .........
Email: ..........
Referrer: ( mehdi4188 )
Birth Year: ..........
Verification Code: ..........

Accept the site rules and Click Continue.

the next step, An activation code will be sent to your email. Enter the activation code in the Validation Code section. Enter the letters and numbers in the image in the Verification Code section and Lastly Click Finish Registration

By doing the above steps your account will be built and you can start earning money.

How to make money from a Neobux site

Click login and Enter your built account information and Then click send

Username: ..........
Password: ..........
Secondary Password: ..........
Verification Code: ..........

On the right side of the page you will see a virtual keyboard that you can use to enter your username and password for greater security.

When you log into your main account on the site, To start making money At the top of the page Click View Advertisements:

In the new page that opens you will see some ads worth $ 0.001 (Upgrading this account will increase this amount) If you click on them, a red circle will appear and clicking on that will open another new page and wait a few seconds for the letter O in neobux to turn yellow And then a text appears confirming that $ 0.001 has been added to your account and then click on Close. Follow these steps for other ads.

Important You can't open multiple ads at the same time, and don't close the page until the verification text of that ad doesn't appear because then no money will be deposited into your account.

You can also earn more by playing the Games, doing mini jobs, registering sites, completing surveys, installing software

Introduction to different sections of the user panel on the NeoBux site .


Top of site:

  1. User Name
  2. Your Balance
  3. View full chart of your activity and your referral
  4. Your Account Settings
  5. Account security lock that you must have given a second password to enable in the Settings section
  6. Sign out of account
  7. View Advertisements: ..........
  8. Mini Jobs: ..........
  9. Surveys: ..........
  10. Games: ..........
  11. Offers: This section is also for making more money by completing surveys, installing software, registering sites and more.
  12. Forum: View user comments and news from site moderators
  13. FAQ: ..........
  14. You can view this site in different languages by clicking on this option.

Left panel description:

  1. Banners: Banner and dedicated link to introduce site to friends and attract referral
  2. Statistics: View full chart of your activity and your referral
  3. PersonalChange your account information such as email, password and online bank account registration.
  4. Advertisements: This section shows the advertising settings you ordered for the site.
  5. Direct: In this section you can message your referral.
  6. History: In this section you can see your activity history.
  7. Login: Here's a list of your login dates.
  8. Membership: Your membership type and registration date are visible here.
  9. Referrals: You can see the number of your referral
  10. Seen Advertisements: .........
  11. Main Balance: View your account balance, deposit and withdraw money from this account.
  12. Rental BalanceThis account is used to rent referral and is recharged by Main Balance and Internet accounts with the plus sign (+) in front of it.
  13. Points: With points you can upgrade your account and buy referrals
  14. Coins: Get Coin To doing Mini Jobs, Surveys, Offers

Right panel description:

  1. Upgrade: In this section you can upgrade your account and earn more
  2. Advertise: In this section you can place banners for other PTC sites that you are a member of.
  3. Referral: In this section you can rent referral.
  4. your Payment: When your account balance reaches $ 2. Its color turns green and you can get your income



To learn more about take direct referral methods, please click on the following link:

Direct referral absorption training at all PTC sites

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