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Introducing ojooo site

Established year: 2010 (As an email service host)
Year Established PTC Site: 2013
Manufacturing Country: Germany
Pay Per Click: $0.001 - $0.04
Minimum Payment: $2 for the first time and $6 for the second time
limitation IP: Yes
Payment status: Paying regularly

The most important ojooo site service

  • Make money by clicking on ads
  • Make money by doing mini jobs and offers
  • Account upgrades and more make money
  • Geting unlimited referral
  • Minimum withdrawal $2 for for the first time and $6 for the second time
  • .

Ojooo site registration tutorial

First enter the adbtc site:


Or click on the banner below:

Click sign up at the top of the site:


Complete your profile and Click on the Register

ثبت نام در سایت ojooo

  1. Username: ...........
  2. Password: .........
  3. Confirm password: .........
  4. Account e-mail: ...........
  5. Referral: ( mehdi-418 )
  6. Captcha: ...........
  7. Select the "Yes" option to accept the rules.
  8. Click on the Register

Next you need to confirm your email, So go to your email and Enter Your verification code and Click on the "Verify" button to complete your registration.

To login to your user panel on the ojooo site From the top menu, click on the "Login" option and On the page that opens, specify your username, password and captcha and Click on the "Login" button

ثبت نام در سایت ojooo

Introduction to User Panel ojooo

پنل کاربری سایت ojooo

Paid to click ads: This option is for viewing ads. Clicking on this option enters the clicks section and you can earn money by viewing your ads.

Offers: One of the most important part of making money is from ojooo site Which includes the following:

  • Traffic Exchange: This option is for free traffic exchange and surf ads. Clicking on the "Start autosurf to earn minutes" button will automatically allow you to view the ads of the websites in this section and you will get points for which you can also use your website in Advertise this section. For every second you see in this section, you'll get 0.5 seconds to advertise your website
  • Super Rewards: It's about seeing some ads and monetizing them
  • Minutestaff: There are various ways to earn money, and each method has instructions that can be found under Instructions. If you intend to use this section, be sure to follow the instructions. Otherwise your account will be blocked. Therefore, this section is only recommended if you are able to follow all the instructions.
  • Personaly: View a specific type of advertising
  • Ojooo Grid: This will take you to a page that will show you a puzzle-like image and you will see an ad on each part of the image and if you win, you will receive a bonus.
  • OfferToro: This section is another good way to earn money on the ojooo site. Clicking on this option will take you to a page where you will see suggestions. These suggestions include registering for a site and doing specific work, taking surveys or installing an app. To receive the points for each bid, you must complete the instructions required. The value of each received point is $0.005.
  • Wannads: This section is very similar to the OfferToro section, where there are various offer for money that you can increase your income on the site.

Advertise: This option is for ordering ads on wad.ojooo. Click on this option to view different promotional packages on the site of Ojooo and buy them if you intend to advertise on the site.

Forum: This option will take you to the ojooo site community.

Logout:: .



Ojooo Wad User Management Panel Menu (left menu)

پنل کاربری ojooo

Affiliate Program: In this section you can view various Ojooo affiliate programs and make money by marketing and recruiting referrals. The apps in this section include ojooo app, ojoo maker site, ojooo click site and ojooo advertising section. You can click on each of these programs to see your earnings from the targeted referrals, referral links and necessary explanations.

Referral Tools: Clicking on this option will give you access to the links and banners on the Ojooo site.

Advertising: Clicking on this option will take you to your Ads Management Panel. On this page you can view statistics and manage promotional packages purchased on ojooo.

Settings: Clicking on this option will take you to the Personal Settings page. In this section you can manage your email, account number, account settings as well as password reset.

Referrals: In this section you can view and manage your referrals. After clicking this option, a page with the following categories will open:

  • Direct referrals: On this page you can view and manage all your direct referrals. As mentioned earlier, on the ojooo site you will also earn money from direct referrals from your direct referrals. So in this page, besides your direct referrals, you will also find the number of direct referrals for each of your referrals.
  • Rented Referrals: On this page you can view and manage all your rental subdivisions. You can also rent new referrals.
  • Referral Tools: Clicking on this option will give you access to the links and banners on the Ojooo site.
  • Statistics: On this page you will see charts like your clicks chart, your referrals, and your clickthrough earnings.

Purchase: Click on this option to enter the shopping section on the Oooo site. After clicking this option, a page with the following categories will open:

  • Buy upgrade: Clicking on this option will take you to a page where you will find information about the types of accounts on the ojooo wad site and the price of each. The tables in this page are very valuable information. In this section you can also upgrade your account.
  • Purchase referrals: By clicking on this option you can rent a subscription at the click ojooo site. The first table shows the sub-rental rates based on the number of sub-directories each user has, and in the second table you can rent sub-packages depending on your budget for30 days.
  • Fund purchase balance: With this option you can deposit money into your ojooo account. This account can be used for things like renting a subscription and upgrading your account.
  • Inovoices / bills: In this section you can see the bills issued by Ojooo Wad site.

History: In this section you will find your activity records in various sections of the ojooo site, including the following options:

  • General History: On this page you can see the general history of your activity on ojooo site such as payments, withdrawals, signups, upgrades, subscriptions, and more.
  • Offerwall history: In this section you will see the history of completed offerwalls.
  • Advertisment history: In this section you will find the history of viewing ads.
  • Traffic exchange history: This option is for viewing your surf history on ojooo wad.
  • OjoooGrid history: This option also applies to your activity history in the "OjoooGrid" section.

Message system: In this section you can send messages to other users of the ojooo site and manage them. To send messages to users you need to know their username

Cash out funds: In this section, you can file your earnings request. The minimum withdrawal amount for your first time is $2.

Account Statistics

  • Membership: .
  • Total clicks: .
  • Direct Referrals: .
  • Rented Referrals: .
  • Total Referrals: .
  • Total Referral Click: .
  • Current balance: .
  • Purchase balance: .
  • Traffic exchange balance: .
  • Amount Paid: .

Types of accounts and their prices on ojooo

When you click on "Buy upgrade", you will see a table below that contains very important details about each of the ojooo user accounts. Because of the importance of these tables, we will illustrate them:

ارتقا اکانت سایت ojooo

As you can see in the picture above, you can select the types of memberships in this section, and click on the "Buy" button. There are three types of memberships to this site:

  • Standard: It is a membership that is provided to you free of charge upon registration.
  • Economy: It is a membership that you can buy $20 a month and enjoy the benefits of it
  • Privilege: The most valuable membership is on the Ojooo site, where you can benefit from paying $40 a month.

If you upgrade your account and click on "Prolong your status automatically", your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of each period. There just needs to be enough balance in the account

Table of Bonuses Received for Subscriptions Purchased Upgrades

Payroll table for clicks on ads

But the following table gives you some very useful information and you can use it to formulate your strategy. For example, you can find out which rental plan is most profitable and which plan has the disadvantage:

Different parts of the table above:

  • Free referrals: This section states that you will not receive any free referrals through the Ojooo membership in Standard and Economy, but in Privilege mode you may be offered free referrals. The ojooo site, of course, does not guarantee that you will be given a free referral or number. This depends on the number of users who are unregistered on the site.
  • Maximum amount of direct referrals: Displays the largest number of direct referrals you are allowed to absorb. As you can see, there is no limit to direct referrals on the ojooo site, and you can indulge indefinitely
  • Maximum amount of rented referrals: The largest number of referral you can rent depending on the type of membership
  • Exchanging of rented referrals every: Shows the duration of the change of referral in different memberships.
  • Guaranteed available advertisements: .
  • Chances in Ojoogrid: .
  • Restoration account to 30 days: This section tells you that if your membership is Privilege and its expiration date, you can renew your membership for up to 3 days without losing your income and affiliates.
  • Minimum cashout: The minimum withdrawal required for a standard user is $ 2 at first and $ 6 at a later time.
  • Amount of private messages a day: Specifies the number of private messages you can send to other users on the ojooo wad site each day.

Note: Sometimes some site rules change but this table is not updated. So you can find out what is happening by visiting the Ojooo site.

Ojooo site highlights

  • When someone becomes your referral, For his clicks no amount of his income will be deducted Rather, your share of the site owner's profits will be paid for the site you advertised and attracted new users.
  • Like most click sites, you are only allowed to have one account on Ojooo. This means you can only have one account for each IP and for each computer, and any attempt to create more than one account will result in the blocking of all of them.
  • You are never allowed to use software that automates or manipulates ad viewing.
  • If you are not logged into your ojooo wad account within 60 days, Your account and its revenue will be blocked.
  • This site requires at least 6 months of daily clicks for optimum revenue and you should spend 15 minutes daily to generate revenue.

Success strategy at the Ojooo site

  • The first condition for success on the ojooo wad site is making daily clicks.
  • Do as much of the Wannads and OfferToro bids as you can. This will speed up your progress.
  • The next step, which is the most important and most profitable step for you, is to attract direct referrals.

To learn more about get direct referral at all sites click on the following link:

Direct referral absorption training at all PTC sites

Managing referrals on the Ojooo site

One of the benefits of the ojooo site is referral rental and activation. If for any reason it was not possible to obtain a direct referral, Referral rental available

  • To benefit from referrals as standard, your average daily earnings per referral must be above 0.0067.
  • Check your referrals to be able to identify inactive and inefficient referrals and replace them if needed.
  • The ojooo site will automatically and freely replace your rental referral which does not click for at least 7 days.
  • Enabling the AutoPay option can bring you discounts and increase your profits.
  • Don't replace your referrals too much bcause It will have the reverse effect and it will reduce your profits from your referrals.



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