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The paidverts site is a masterpiece of the click world. The idea of ​​this site is based on BAP acquisition. The higher your BAP value, the more ads you will receive at a higher price. For example, if you have 1 million BAP , you can easily get as much as $ 100 per click for advertising.The rate of each BAP is $ 0.0005

The best way to increase BAP is to buy more ads from this site.

On this site, users are divided into several groups according to their scores and users receive daily monetized ads depending on their group:

The minimum withdrawal on Paidverts is $1, with PayPal, PerfectMoney, okpay, payza and Bitcoin accounts.

آموزش ثبت نام در سایت PaidVerts:

To sign up first:


Or click on the banner below:


At the top of the site, click Register:

Enter your information

In the final step, click OPEN ACCOUNT,


Remember the date of birth whatever you enter because you will be asked for your site when you receive your income

How to earn from the Paidverts site

After registering, in the login section, entered the email and password and solve the captcha, click on Sign in option and login to the site

Once logged in, click PAID ADS to start and activate your account at the top of the site:

At this point, you will see BAPs and paid advertising:

To get started, click on the View Activation Ad in BAP ads or the View Bonus Ad option in paid ads.

After clicking on one of the options above, a new page will open and at the top of the site you will be asked to click on the photo you have selected and then click on the Confirm option.

After the seconds have elapsed, the number of points will be added to your account and click on Next ad will show you the next ad and do the same for the next ad:

Initially the price of advertising is low but gradually you will see higher BAP advertising.

An example of a higher rated account:

In addition to clicking on paid advertising, this site also has 3 additional revenue streams:

  • CLICK GRID: You can get BAP points or get money by clicking on random spots on the image (of course, you will lose one point each time you win or not)
  • CASH OFFERS: In this section you can make money by doing small things like installing the app on your phone and taking part in surveys and other things.
  • GAMES: Playing different games to increase the BAP level (It is advisable not to use this section as much as possible Because if you lose, your Points will be deducted )

Important points

  • You must have at least 1600 BAP to receive paid advertising.
  • To speed up your work on this site, be sure to first purchase $ 1 from this site (Bulk Ads) as you will receive 2400 BAP So every time you buy an ad, You will be exempt from tax for up to 14 days
  • Every day, after receiving paid advertising for only 18 hours you have the opportunity to click on them, otherwise the ad will be removed from your user panel.

Click the link below for more information

how to buy bulk ads in paidverts

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