Perfect Money Account Opening Tutorial

پرفکت مانی

Perfect Money  (Perfect Money) It is a global online account and an Internet bank that started operating in 2007 and is registered in Panama. The bank has four types of accounts: dollar, euro, gold and bitcoin.

By creating this account, you can earn your dollar income from various sites that work with this bank. Also, make your purchases online from stores that have a Perfect Money payment gateway.

Important points of Perfect Money account:

  • Perfect Money is very popular
  • The translator on this site is available in different languages.
  • Several websites have been introduced as the exchanges of this money on the Perfect Money site.
  • The bank pays 4% interest per account each year due to investment from existing deposits.
  • The transfer fee from one account to another is between 0.5% and 1.99%, which is deducted from the sender.

Open an account in Perfect Money

To enter the Perfect Money account opening section, first log in to Perfect Money:

Log in to Perfect Money


افتتاح حساب در پرفکت مانی

In the Create an Account section, after completing the account form, accept the terms of the site and click on register:

آموزش افتتاح حساب در پرفکت مانی

After opening the account, a number will be sent to your email as Member ID, which will be your username and you must use this code when logging in. So go to your email and write down your Member ID.

To log in to your account, select the "Login" option from the top menu of the site and log in to your Perfect Money account using your Member ID and password.

Types of accounts in Perfect Money:

Perfect Money has 4 gold, euro, dollar and bitcoin accounts that you can use to transfer and receive money.

In addition to each of these accounts, the account number and account amount are visible:

To transfer money between Perfect Money accounts, click on the note next to the account:

Send Money:

You can transfer money between Perfect Money accounts from this section.


In this section, you can convert your account currencies.

View Statement:

To view your latest transactions, refer to this section.

How to withdraw money from Perfect Money account

1- By making e-voucher

2- Possibility of requesting the transfer of Perfect Money balance to another bank account (this transfer is done between 3 and 5 working days).

3- The possibility of converting Perfect Money inventory to other electronic money (exchange).

4- Transferring money between Perfect Money accounts.

Learn how to use e-voucher:

e-vouchers are Perfect Money recharge cards that you can paid directly at Perfect Money acceptors without a payment fee. Or recharge your account with your purchased coupon through your account and then transfer or pay by your account.

To charge an account via e-voucher from the main menu, click "Withdrawal" and select "e-voucher". On the page that opens, enter the charge card number and activation code. Your account will be charged in an instant.

You must verify your account for a lower fee for your transactions:

Learn how to verify Perfect Money account

Good luck


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