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Everybody wants to make a lot of money, because it's a necessity for our daily lives. Making money online is one of the new generation strategies for making money. You may work all day in the office to make money, but there are some who use the most up-to-date techniques and methods for making money online. One of these techniques is making money online by clicking on ads. click sites or PTC .

What is PTC Sites?

PTC or Paid To Click are sites said to pay people who click on ads. These websites are a way to promote companies' products and services or their landing pages where advertisers pay click site owners to advertise and increase their site traffic, and there are people on the other hand who can Earn money by clicking on their ad.

There are three groups in this process:

  • first group: Advertisers and website owners who pay to advertise.
  • Second group: Sites that receive and display ads.
  • Third group: People who make money by clicking on these ads.

In this Relation, all parties will benefit. Visitor site traffic is increasing and Google is ranking goes up. The ptc site gets its share of the interface and people who click on the ad earn money

Click on the link below to get acquainted with the best PTC sites:

Successful strategy on click sites:

By becoming a free member of click sites, you become one of its members and you can earn money by clicking on ads. But sometimes that alone does not bring in enough revenue. Therefore, click sites provide users with opportunities to increase their revenue:

  • Geting referral link and inveite freands by puting link in social pages facebook, instagram and ...
  • Buy Rental Referral
  • Upgrade your account
  • Doing offers such as completing tasks and surveys, install apps and ...


  • Although the income from such sites may be low in the first months, but with 2-3 hours of continuous activity a day, you can earn a lot of income from these sites after several months.
  • To succeed and achieve high incomes in the shortest possible time, you need to attract referrals.Account upgrades are also another factor in increasing revenue from these sites
  • Membership in click sites is free, and users can start earning money without paying the least. But with a little investment in reputable click sites, you can make a lot of money much faster.
  • One of the most important strategies for success and earning high income is a combination strategy, so that by subscribing to several reputable click sites, one of them can be selected as a reference site and the resulting income in the first months to buy a referral or Upgraded accounts on other click sites. In this way, high income can be achieved without paying after three to four months.
  • Most sites pay in dollars and bitcoins and need to open an online currency account to earn their foreign currency.The best accounts for users are Perfect Money . andeb Money or Bitcoin accounts.
  • Many click sites make payments with Bitcoin and users can open a Bitcoin account and transfer their income to their Bitcoin wallet account and then received it in dollars or The currency of your country by Online exchanges.
  • Also, if the payments of some click sites were different and it is difficult to open an account, you can easily request to open an account by online exchanges and receive your income.

To get acquainted with the concept of Bitcoin and learn how to make a Bitcoin wallet, refer to the following links:

  • Ways to trust click sites, is strong support and display payment confirmation to users.
  • Be sure to note that there are many scam sites that have no charge and should not be used without reading and knowing.

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