Earn Free Bitcoin with Satoshi Hero

Satoshi Hero

Site Features

  • Satoshi Hero site is one of the easiest and best for earn free bitcoin
  • Free bitcoin can be received 3 times every 10 minutes.
  • Between 1 and 250,000 Satoshi can receive free bitcoins every 10 minutes.
  • The minimum amount of withdraw is 30000 Satoshi.
  • This site currently offers the most bitcoin

satoshi hero

Satoshi Hiro registration training:

First, log in to Satoshi Hero:

  • Click on the sign up button.
  • Enter your email.
  • Click on I'm not a robot.
  • Click on the sign up button.


  • Enter the password you want to login to:

  • In the final step, click confirm my account

  • Log into your email and click confirm my account to activate your account.
  • Click on Login to enter the site.
  • Enter the email and password you selected to register.
  • Click on Login to enter in to your account.

Get free Bitcoin from Satoshi Hero site 

  • On the left side of the user panel, click on Get free bitcoins:

  • On the next page, after resolving the capcha click on Continue to claim:

  • In this way, you can receive free bitcoins 3 times every 10 minutes.

Introduction to different parts of the site

  • Get free bitcoins now: Get free bitcoin every 10 minutes
  • Bitcoin games: Playing the game as a bet If you win you will get free Bitcoin.

Note: Losing these games is much more win than winning, so this is not recommended.

  • Offerwalls: Get free bitcoin by participating in surveys and suggestions and completing them
  • More Free Bitcoins: You can increase the amount of Satoshi you receive by visiting this section and participating in different sections.
  • withdrawals: Cash withdrawal and transfer to Bitcoin wallet
  • Settings: In this section, you can edit your account user profile.
  • Referrals: In this section, you can get more bitcoins by attracting referrals.
  • help: You can use this section to find out more about Satoshi Hero's site.
  • Log Out: Sign out of account

How to withdraw from Satoshi Hiro site:

From your user panel, click on the withdrawal option and withdraw your income by entering the address of your wallet and the amount of Satoshi you want (at least 30,000 Satoshi).

Important points

  • If you want to enter Bitcoin into Satochi Hero for any reason, you can click on the Deposit option at the top of the site:

  • Increasing your income by placing the referral link on social and popular pages.

  • You will receive 25% of the site's rewards for attracting a referral.

Good luck

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